Tue. Nov 19th, 2019

25 Girls receive certificates upon completion of tailoring training at DAPP

By James Ngalande

A total of 25 female students at Development Aid for People to People (DAPP) Dowa campus received their certificates after completing four months of tailoring training at the institution.

Speaking during a graduation ceremony at the institution, Assistant District Labor Officer, James Kachigamba commended DAPP for bringing in the training at the campus as it is so helpful to the development of girls and the district at large.

“This training is very significant to the girls as well as the district because with the tailoring skills imparted in them, their financial status will at least be improved as they will be able to generate their own wealth. The skills will also reduce the unemployment crisis which has hit the district and Malawi at large as the girls will employ themselves,” he said.

Concurring with  Kachigamba, the Principle of  DAPP, Dowa campus, Blessings Kambewa said girls are exposed to contraction of HIV and Aids  due to lack of financial muscle, hence  prone to exchanging  sex with money. This tailoring training therefore will assist our girls in generating money on their own therefore relying on themselves in as far as finances are concerned.

One of the graduating students who also received best performing student award, Margret Kawisi from Kamamkodola village in Traditional Authority Msakambewa also applauded DAPP for introducing the tailoring training at Dowa campus.

She said the knowledge and skills they got from the four months training will help them to be independent as they will be able to feed themselves from the income generated from tailoring work.

“On behalf of my fellow graduating students allow me to thank DAPP for the training because we will be independent and be able to source our own money from tailoring. Besides that the training will also reduce unemployment rate which has hit a large percentage of the youths in Malawi and Dowa in particular.” she said.

DAPP introduced the tailoring training in which girls are being imparted with the tailoring skills in 2016 and has this year produced the third graduating cohort. The graduating students upon graduating receive sewing machines; one to a group of three members as a starter pack.

However, the program as of now targets girls from two Traditional Authorities namely Msakambewa and Mkukula.


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