Thu. Nov 14th, 2019


Fake Kwacha currency in circulation

By: Vincent Gunde


The Dowa First Grade Magistrate court has convicted and sentenced three  men to 30 months IHL for the offence of being found in possession with fake money amounting to K152,000.

The court heard that the three: Aaron Nkhata, 26, BatsonKamtepa,23 and JosekChiwaula,77 on August, 2, 2019 were found with the counterfeit banknotes at Dzaleka Refugee camp in the district.

Fake Kwacha infiltrating the market

On that particular day, one of the commercial sex workers alerted police detectives alleging that two of the convicts were going around having sexual intercourse with women and giving them suspicious banknotes in exchange of intercourse.

This prompted police detectives to follow up the matter leading to the arrest of the two convicts, Aaron Nkhata and Batson Kamtepa as they were attempting to enter Dzaleka Refugee camp.

Upon being searched, the convicts were found with K142,000 banknotes while K8,000 was brought in to police by one of the bottle store operators who identified both the convicts leading to the arrest of the first convict, Josek Chiwaula.

State prosecutor , Sub. Inspector Sam Kurtball Chimkombelo, pleaded with the court to give  stiff punishments to the three convicts to deter other would be offenders.

The three convicts pleaded not guilty to the charge of being found in possession of counterfeit banknotes which is contrary to section 54 of the Reserve Bank of Malawi Act prompting the state to parade five witnesses leading to the conviction of the three.

Passing judgement, First Grade Magistrate, Amran Phiri, concurred with the state for a stiff sentence, saying the  offence committed is serious in nature hence the convicts deserved a custodial  sentence .

Phiri then sentenced the three convicts to 30 months imprisonment with hard labour each.

Aaron Nkhata and Batson ,comes from Kamtepa village while Josek Chiwaula from Chimombo village, all in the area of Traditional Authority Chiwere in Dowa district.

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