January 18, 2021

32 Days with No New Covid-19 Cases in Dowa

The Dowa District Health Office [DHO] , has announced that 32 days have passed with no new Covid-19 confirmed cases in the district, describing this as good news.

The District Health Office says since the district started registering confirmed Covid-19 cases in May, there has been to a total of 95 active cases: Mponela 13, Mtengowanthenga 7,Madisi 1, Kasese 1, Dowa 7, Mvera Army 16 and Dzaleka Camp 51.

The Office says the district has had three deaths, two females and a male, and 91 recoveries with one lost contact believed to have fled back to South Africa after testing positive on his arrival at the Dzaleka camp in the district.

Dowa District Hospital like many other District Hospitals in Malawi, is no longer testing for Covid-19 due to lack of some testing materials, samples are being taken to Lilongwe and returned to the district with the results and for November 2020, present cases, zero Covid -19 cases.

According to statistics available at the District Health Office [DHO], one person was confirmed positive in May, June 5, July 5, September 6, October 13 and November has no confirmed cases yet. July saw the district record the highest number of confirmed cases due to refugees and asylum seekers coming in from Rwanda, Burundi and DRC.

Speaking during a District Public Health Emergency Committee [PHEMC] meeting held at the boma, District Medical Officer for Dowa, Dr. Jacqueline Kanjadza, said the district still has a long way to go in combating the Covid-19 pandemic.

Dr. Jacqueline Kanjadza: Let us continue working vigilantly in the fight against the pandemic.

Dr. Kanjadza said even if the figures of confirmed cases are declining, Dowa is still at risk of further spread of the pandemic due to more of refugees and asylum seekers coming to the Dzaleka camp on daily basis, urging all stakeholders to continue working vigilantly in the fight against the pandemic in the district.

By Vincent Gunde

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