Thu. Dec 5th, 2019

4 DPP Cadets Get Lessons From MDF

By: Vincent Gunde

Reports circulating on social media are alleging that Malawi Defence Force ( MDF) soldiers refused to release four DPP cadets who were detained for insulting peaceful protesters on 19th July, 2019 in Blantyre.
The demonstrators at Chichiri upper stadium were manhandled by the suspected DPP cadets in full view of the police.
The MDF deployed its soldiers who assured the demonstrators that no one is going to be beaten and this made police officers to withdraw.
It is also alleged that in the afternoon, the MDF expressed the last warning to Mutharika against plotting to attack peaceful protesters that next time his cadets or police officers dares to attack or assault innocent protesters, he will be the one to receive punishment.
According to the alleged reports, the DPP Secretary General, Grezeeder Jeffrey and the Minister of Internal Security, Nicholas Dausi tried to convince the MDF commander, General Vincent Nundwe to release the four cadets.
General Nundwe is reported to have rubbished the demand made by the two DPP high ranking officials that he is there to serve the entire nation and not individuals.
He warned Jeffrey and Dausi that they will face consequences if they are behind these notorious cadets who are working tirelessly trying to disrupt peace in the country.
But, speaking in one of the print media, General Nundwe is quoted to have said that people have a right to demonstrate when aggrieved, and no one should infringe anyone’s right since Malawi is a democratic state.
General Nundwe assured Malawians that the MDF will protect anyone without considering their tribe or anything saying his priority is to see that Malawi is sovereign and also to ensure that Malawi remain peaceful following the disputed May21 presidential elections.
Meanwhile, the HRDC has warn that if the Mec Chairperson Justice Dr. Jane Ansah sc does not resign today, Malawians are going to hold vigils at all state residences, next week.
HRDC’s Vice national chairperson, Gift Trapence, said this in the capital, Lilongwe while addressing the protesters.

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