Tue. Aug 20th, 2019

A 2 Months Old Baby Stolen by Unknown Woman

By our reporter
Lingadzi Police is looking for unknown woman who on 13th May 2019 at about 1040 hours stole a two months old baby in the area of village Headman Mwenela in Lilongwe.
Lingadzi Police Public Relations Officer Gift Chitowe confirmed the incident.
He said according to the reporter Mrs. Lozina Kaluwira on the said date and time, she was in company of her husband at Mtandire market when they wanted to buy some commodities and met this unknown thief who greeted them as if they have met before.
Later introduced her story that she is from Chinsapo Area and was looking for a friend who has just given birth. But upon looking for where she was staying, it was discovered that she moved to unknown area. Hence as the conversation continue, this thief pleaded with the family if she can be allowed and see the home of the parents of the stolen child and was given a positive node.
As they left the market, the husband was left behind and upon arrival the mother to the stollen child had to wash it and later the thief asked the mother to help her carry it so that she can do the kitchen chores with ease, later she carried the baby on her back and told the mother that she wanted to buy air time so that she should communicate with her husband that she did not find her friend she was paying a visit to, but since then she did not report back. As time goes by, the family had to search for her but to no-avail hence opted to report matter to police.
Mrs. Lozina Kaluwira 31, hails from Chiloka village T/A Njewa District Lilongwe and currently residing at Mwenela village.
Meanwhile Lingadzi Police is pleading with members of the general public who can give information that can lead to the arrest of the said in woman.

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