November 30, 2020

ACED Breaking the Odds: Giving the Physically Challenged Their Voice!

Gibson Tandwe:Founder and Director of ACED

Written by Desire Elizabeth Mtawali

The Association for Children and Elderly Development (ACED), is one of the few organizations in Malawi that is striving out against all odds to put stigma behind bars in sensitize on human rights of people with disabilities.

The organization, which is currently self-funded held its annual event in Ntchisi District, a motivational program aimed at inspiring people who are physically challenged.

Mphatso, one of the participants
Edward Chingayipe:No one is above the capital law
Gibson Tandwe:Founder and Director of ACED

According to Gibson Tandwe the founder and Director of ACED,“this program helps our clients to discover their capabilities which they have, and instil in them the spirit of “they can do it”. Not only that, but to also accept their true SELVES. “We believe that people living with disabilities can achieve their desired goals, if given access to different social services and chances to participate in developmental undertakings”, he said.
Tandwe also added that one of the core reasons of such an advocacy is the concern of the Human Rights for people living with disabilities.

The event, which was held under the theme “We Are Able”, proved yet to be another success, as people showed up at Ntchisi Police ground to interact and learn more about their rights and responsibilities.

The Malawi Police, stepped in by encouraging the people the importance of reporting any form of abuse to the police.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police, Edward Chingayipe told that it is the role of the Malawi police to provide security to people living with disabilities.
He also emphasised that no one is above the law. ” In most cases people with disabilities are the first to be considered, but however they should not take this as an advantage to break the law,” he said.

Chingayipe also urged the people present to enjoy exercising their rights through partaking in vocational training programs, thus to help them stay away from crime.

His remarks, Malawi Council for the Handicapped (MACOHA) representative in Lilongwe, Mr Kapapa commended ACED for the awareness program, saying it is laying a platform for people living with disabilities and bringing them together to find their voice, through Education, Sports and Arts.
ACED, held its Pilot program in 2017, at MACOHA in Lilongwe, followed by the second event last year in 2018 in same district of Ntchisi.

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