October 26, 2021

Acting Positions for Dowa Secretariat Worry Committee

The Dowa District Council’s Human Resources Management service committee has noted with concern that the council’s secretariat has inadequate critical positions filled and most of the positions are being acted upon by other employees saying this affects the performance of the council in delivering its services to the citizens.
The committee recommended to the full council meeting that the Department of Finance share responsibilities equally to Accounts personnel, Drivers to be given a provision to enhance their driving skills by attending defensive lessons, which will help to save lives, prolong vehicles lifespan which in turn benefits the council, unlikely if they don’t sharpen their skill the council will lose both lives and property due to accidents. He requested that the council should be motivating its employees, particularl Revenue Collectors who are hard workers each month.

Deputy Minister of Local Government, Hon. Halima Daudi…attending Dowa full council meeting…

Chairperson of the committee, Councilor Victor Jelao Phiri of Chakhaza North West ward said the council has some employees who have gone past retirement age affecting performance in some areas of operation. He advised the council to pay in full the officers who reached retirement age but continue to work for the Council beyond their retirement age, saying full payment be paid counting from start of contract to the time they will be relieved of their duties because the Council was using their services.

Councilor Victor Jelao Phiri: chiefs are facing honoraria challenges…

Councilor Phiri said the committee also observed that traditional chiefs are having challenges to access their honoraria at the bank saying the names appearing on the National Identity Card is different from that used at the office saying this is worrisome with some chiefs who walk on foot operating from long distance areas only to come home empty.
…’’Some traditional chiefs are in their old age, movement is a problem, this problem of National Identity Cards need to be rectified as soon as possible,’’…said Phiri.

According to the committee’s minutes, it was observed that the council does not have Employees Condition of Service, saying this is affecting process of staff recruitment and staff retention.

The committee also observed that the council’s Appointment and Disciplinary Committee is not instituted and therefore, the council fails to conduct proper investigation on issues relating to appointments and discipline, recommending to the full council to institute this committee by end of November, 2021.
The council’s promotion process might also affect employee performance as the Council have no power to recruit, neither have the mandate to promote those that qualify and deserve promotion for their displayed capacity and qualifications, a discouragement to employees who have upgraded their studies and improved their efficiency at work; for they work hard for many years without being awarded a promotion.

Meanwhile, according to the minutes of the committee, the council is expected to recruit drivers and security guards across all sectors by 21st November, 2021 depending on the availability of resources.

By Vincent Gunde

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