October 29, 2020

ADMARC Waits Pricing for Maize Selling

The grain marketing body, ADMARC, has said it is waiting for Government to set the price to start selling maize to the members of the general public in the country

Its Chief Executive Officer [CEO], Dr. Felix Jumbe said ADMARC has 35,000 metric tonnes maize in stock bought with money from Government and 20,000 metric tonnes procured in his own initiative and is currently buying 80,000 metric tonnes on the same, dismissing fears expressed by some quarters of the society that ADMARC has not bought maize for its grain reserves.

Dr. Jumbe said Malawians should not panic that there will be scarcity of maize assuring that the country that it has enough grain to take them through to the harvesting season of the 2020/2021 farming season.

ADMARC depots are the only reliable buyer and reseller

There has been news in speculation that Malawi’s grain reserves are dry with no maize alleging that money allocated to procure maize was used by the previous DPP Government to fund its campaign activities and free for all as evidenced by senior DPP party officials involvement in the  plunder and looting of public funds in the country.

The citizens have also been alleging that Dr. Jumbe being a DPP cadet is serving the interest of his party than the wishes of Malawians following Tonse philosophy, a development which has raised fears that Malawi is entering into planting maize season when there has been no indication that ADMARC has procured maize from farmers or vendors to the grain reserves.

Dr. Felix Jumbe…Malawi has enough maize in its grain reserves, no need to panic…

Some other citizens are alleging  that Dr. Jumbe as CEO for ADMARC is using his personal position to frustrate the new Government’s Tonse philosophy deliberately so that Malawians stand up and be pointing fingers at the new Government for failing to procure maize in time.

Muvi wa Chilungamo’s Commander in Chief, Bantu Saunders Jumah the Utopian has asked Dr. Jumbe that if is not interested to work with the Tonse philosophy should pack up and go for someone to be hired as ADMARC CEO for the grain marketing body to change in the interest of all.

……’’He [Dr. Jumbe] is against the Tonse Alliance Government and is working for the Tonse Government, there’s a great need for him to be replaced with those that have the Tonse philosophy and not working for party and personal gains,’’….said Jumah.

He advised the Tonse Government that too much leniency will cost it to be dribbled and fall down, asking President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera and his Vice, Dr. Saulosi Chilima to wake up, not to feel sorry to individuals who have played a hand in the destruction of the country but firing anyone who is against the Tonse philosophy.

But, Dr. Jumbe has since assured Malawians that this year, the country has more maize for distribution to the hunger stricken people with thanks to his initiative for exploring ways of making sure that ADMARC is a trusted marketing body, saying mudslinging business shall not help in developing the country.…..’’Hatred shall never take us anywhere, thanks for bringing this lie, it shall be cleared up by the truth,’’….lamented Dr. Jumbe.

By Vincent Gunde

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