Fri. Nov 15th, 2019

AFORD Divisions Widens Even Worse

Rifts in the once mighty Alliance for Democracy (AFORD) have widened following the party convention which is slated for the capital city,Lilongwe this week.
Earlier on the party announced that the party convention shall be held at one of the hotel’s in the capital city but only to be shifted to Don Bosco Secondary School.
The party loyalists have been divided into factions supporting the two party presidential contenders Frank Mwenefumbo and the incumbent Enoch Chihana.
Of late the party president Enoch Chihana has been making decisions which party loyalists have branded as works of a dictator.

Last week Chihana has a heated conversation with his Secretary General Christopher Richie which went viral on forum in the social media.
Chihana was heard accusing the Secretary General of being loyal to the Mwenefumbo faction which is very poised to sweep out Chihana from the party presidency.
“I know you have joined that camp and you want to become the party vice president….ndamva kale zonse” Chihana said.
In response Richie only told Chihana to follow democratic principles when making decisions.
“This is democracy bwana president and you must learn to align yourself to the democratic principles when discharging your duties” Richie concluded.
AFORD was formed in 1986 by Late Chakufwa Chihana who is the father of the current party president.

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