Fri. Nov 15th, 2019

Africa Fashion And Arts Festival Malawi Is Here To Stay

By Desire Elizaberth Mtawali

Africa Fashion and Arts Festival (AFFMW) is back with this year’s event which is dedicated to promoting and preserving African heritage through fashion, arts and entertainment.

AFFMW is the brainchild of Lush Africa, an African premium marketing consultancy, entertainment, events and talent management company which is registered in Malawi and South Africa.

As the event keeps on getting better and better, Lush Africa has promised Malawians yet another spectacular function this time, following last year’s event which featured international acts and local designers, including the likes of Lily Alfonso, Scorpii Clothing, MJ open closet.

According to Victoria Mopiwa, Malawi’s Manager for Lush Africa, Lush Africa offers networking opportunities to the young generation in arts, fashion and music.

“We have international links with key leaders in the industry across Africa for the purpose of growing young African talent,” Mopiwa said.

Victoria Mopiwa:Arts industries can be used to diminish poverty and unemployment

This year’s event will include a free business seminar on the 9th of November, which will be under the theme “Transform your business with breakthrough strategies” and it will be held at Latitude 13 Hotel in Lilongwe.

It will be followed by a runway show on the 10th of November, featuring 12 models and 15 designers both local and international.

AFFMW is also challenging Malawians to develop interest in supporting home products by buying fellow Malawians products.

“We understand the level of poverty and unemployment in the country and this fashion and arts industry can be used to reduce poverty and unemployment,” Mopiwa emphasized.

This years event will feature international acts and local designers

The event will also be spiced up by performances from local artists, doors are expected to be open at 6pm and the show will start at 6:30 pm.

African Fashion and Arts Festival still remains a milestone initiative since its first ever event in Malawi in November 2016.

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