January 24, 2021

Africa is Poor, its People not United

Bantu Saunders Jumah, a Malawian philosopher in exile, says God did not create the continent of Africa and its people poor, adding it is sad African people are taken as second class citizens.

Jumah emphasizes Africa is the richest continent on earth, it has: dignified people with black colour, mineral deposits and all the natural resources that favours mankind; but it is poor because the oppressors are still ruling it with support in terms of grants and aid.

He said the mineral that is used for constructing BOEING an Aircraft is found in DRC only.

Americans, Europeans and Chinese are still flocking to this country for this mineral and they take it home to be rich, leaving Africa poor the same as it was yesterday.

Delivering his public lecture to millions of Africans following his face book page, Jumah urged African countries to know where they are coming from and the direction they are taking saying for 100 years, African minds are bent as if civilization did not start from the continent.

Jumah said the Europeans think that because African people are black, they cannot advance in technology. Their colour is a contributing factor to being called second class citizens saying they started thinking by imagining things to craft a ship, an aeroplane.

He said if Africans are able to fly in a basket to oversees countries, they also imagine things by crafting a basket, a helicopter but once Government discovers that one is imagining more than the Europeans, it comes to stop you or even arrest so that you don’t invent anything, for Africa to still remain behind.

……All Africans must sit down to make a dream come true by doing it openly and not at night, saying this will not make them to move away from second class citizen to first class, earning international recognition that civilization indeed started in Africa…”

The philosopher called for African governments to make its people live life and enjoy what is in their continent that in 20 to  years to come, life be good to each and every citizen of Africa saying as it is today the Government of Africa are slaves because the white people have tied them.

He advised Africans to work up and realize that they are dignified people, there is no support that comes without conditions saying Covid -19 has affected much of the white people than the black but strict measures have been imposed on Africans, lockdown, to give the people aid, saying this tendency cannot develop Africa.

By Vincent Gunde

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