March 1, 2021

African country, Madagascar winning Covid-19 fight

By: Vincent Gunde


While most African countries are busy cashing in Covid-19 money, enriching leaders at the expense of the poor, some are being exposed as thieves while Madagascar, has a solution to Covid-19 pandemic.

Pic: Coronavirus…devastating countries around the globe……

In Malawi, pressure is mounting on Covid- 19 cabinet committee for shamelessly discussing allowances caught by a camera and it is being asked to refund the money.

In Uganda, the High Court in Kampala has ordered MPs who allocated themselves a total of 10 Billion Ugandan shillings to raise awareness about Coronavirus to hand back the money, while in Nigeria, some Covid- 19 cases registered are fake because the government is taking advantage of it to embezzle launder money and enrich themselves.

Madagascar, an African country has developed its own medication to treat Coronavirus patients and this has worked, Tambavy cvo, is being provided to patients and is saving lives.

President Andy Rajoelina says Africa should not wait for World Health Organization( WHO) vaccines when African solutions are already available saying it is now time for African solidarity to combat the disease by itself.

According to BBC reports, In Madagascar, in less than a month, 92 people have recovered , out of 128 positive cases identified, no death has been registered while 36 are receiving treatment.

The report says Madagascar is using their own medicine to treat the disease:-” enhanced treatment remedy Covid- organics), it is being used in hospitals alongside chloroquine, Madagascar has no critical case out of the total tested of 3,056 people.

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