Fri. Nov 22nd, 2019

All is set for Lilongwe Jazz Festival Set For August 31st-1st September

By Enock Balakasi

Organizers of the Lilongwe Jazz Festival which is first time happening  Malawi music industry says all is set to host Jazz music concert  from 31st August to 1st September 2018 at  Lilongwe Golf Club.

The festival has been organised by The Lilongwe Jazz Festival (LJF) organization whose aim is to manage an annual event which will comprise display and performance of jazz music in an effort to increase the appreciation and enjoyment of jazz music as an art form.

Speaking during press conference ahead of the show,  Artistic Director Owen Mbilizi said   was  very courageous and a rare thing to have the initiative.  “Jazz artists will be sharing platform and connect with fans, ” said Mbilizi.

He said adminstratively organizing committee has done everything right, everything is ready. For instance, they have permit from city and the police to boost security.

In earlier interview,  Malawi’s renowned jazz artist, Erick Paliani said it is pleasing that a number of local great jazz musicians and those aspiring to do jazz, will for the first time come together and share the stage.

“It’s all about Jazz, and it’s a family entertainment that will encourage youngsters such as schools that will perform.” He said in an
interview, and added that it will be a great moment where he will be expressing himself through playing of music instrument.

He then said, Lilongwe Jazz Festival will help to popularise Malawi jazz both at local and international level and also motivate performers of the genre.

The 2018 maiden festival that will bring together 15 local jazz artist which includes veteran and upcoming jazz personalities and bands, will also include the training of young and upcoming jazz artist and accord them the platform to show their talent, improve their skills and interact with local and global jazz masters.

Some of the notable bands and artist to perform at the two day event include; an internationally acclaimed Jazz producer and guitarist, Eric Paliani; the prominent and most sought saxophone players in Malawi, Dan Sibale; a veteran musician and one of the country’s most talented stage actors, Owen Mbilizi; the all-time maestro guitarist, Lulu; who will give Jazz renditions of his romantic songs.

Also, the professionally trained ethno Musician, Waliko who will provide an ethnic jazz perspective with mixture of Malawian song and instruments; TJ and Spare fingers who are bringing traditional jazz perspective with their laid back rendition of standard jazz songs and the Lusubilo band from Karonga which comprises of 8 high wired and fully charges afro Jazz musicians.

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