Wed. Oct 23rd, 2019

An SDA Pastor Condemns Violence IN Malawi

By: Vincent Gunde

A Sevenths Day Adventist ( SDA) Pastor, Dr. John Phiri, has condemned all kind of violence going on in some parts of the country organised by the HRDC joined by the MCP and UTM.
Pastor Dr. Phiri writing in his own capacity as President of the Central Malawi Conference of the SDA , also condemns the unprofessional ways the Malawi Police Service is handling such demonstrations appealing to it to be very professional at all times and very neutral and never allow themselves to behave like mercenary soldiers because in democracy no one knows who is going to be the next boss.
He said Malawians will continue to be a laughing stock in the universe and a foundry of corrupt generations saying whoever sides with criminals, is criminal too.
The Pastor said Justice Dr. Jane Ansah sc proved to be a criminal and need to be prosecuted with speed and with no mercy as she failed to respect the will of Malawians by declaring the fraudulent elections free, fair and credible.
He said he sees no reason Malawi should let Justice Dr. Jane Ansah go free without giving and answering to the laws.
Pastor Dr. Phiri describes Justice Dr. Jane Ansah sc and her team as traitors of the Republic of Malawi and must answer for their traitorous crime observing that Malawians did not want or expected anyone to rig them elections but Mec supported it’s fellow enemy of the Republic of Malawi.
He called for Dr. Jane Ansah and all those who were part of the rushing into swearing of a President who was being faulted, need to be prosecuted for treason.
The Pastor said Dr. Jane Ansah must not only resign from being Chairperson of Mec but, Government of Malawi must charge her and her team for treason by letting them to go to prison with haste, as they are the enemy of civility and democracy.

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