Fri. Nov 15th, 2019


By:Thokozani Kachingwe



President Arthur Peter Muntharika (APM),says people should change their mindset in order to develop the nation.

Muntharika:we need to change our mindset.

Muntharika said this on Tuesday at the Malawi University of Science and Technology(MUST) during the graduation ceremony in Thyolo.

”Every problem can be an opportunity, because people from other countries come to make money in our own country and they go back to their countries, we need to change our mindset,” says muntharika.

However, Muntharika says
People should not be relying only to be employed but they should also practice entrepreneurship.

“believe in yourself, nobody will employ everyone,” says muntharika.

Despite that, muntharika also said that Malawians are capable people for development.

”Malawi is not poor, only people are poor, our poverty begins with our mindset,” says muntharika.

Muntharika also says engineers should help in developing the country through helping in electricity and water sectors.

The vice chancellor, Agnes Malata, says they started with 3 programs and now they have 320 undergraduate programs.

Pic: Agnes Malata vice chancellor of (MUST). ”Students should be hard working”.

Malata also says that success
is her courage and students should be hard working, respecting their teachers and elders.

According to her, she says by 2020, 70 % should possess a PhD.”We now have 35 PHD holders,”says Malata.

These are the first students at Malawi University Of Science and Technology to graduate since 2014 when it was opened.

195 students have graduated in various programs.

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