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By :Thokozani kachingwe


President Arthur Peter Muntharika today says  that his government  will  provide  safe water in all districts in Malawi.

Water scarcity problem to be solved in Malawi.


Muntharika  says this during  the   commissioning  of likhubula Blantyre  project in chiradzulo east at nguludi.


The water project  will help southern districts  to have safe water.


”This is one of the water project which  we are implementing and we are going to expand 8 water  projects  in Southern  region,”Muntharika  says.


In his  remarks, Muntharika says that he want all Malawians  to have safe and clean  water.

One of the finished projects bwanje dam.


”i will  introduce  water  projects  in all districts, “Muntharika  says.


Apart from  that, Muntharika,also says he will introduce  development  in every districts.


”Every district  should  have  six things, which are, safe water, Electricity, tarmac  roads, hospitals, secondary schools  and technical  collages,” he says.


According  to  him,  Muntharika  says about  the  issue  of hunger  he know  it, and everyone will  start receiving  food and coupons.


”very  soon will start distributing coupons,”he says.


He also advised  police  officers to have proper supervision  of coupons and all people to be  found selling coupons should  be arrested.


Muntharika added  that,  he will build  17 projects  in town, 7 secondary  schools  in chiradzulo  and 7 technical  collages.


In opposing  what other  people are saying on his victory, Muntharika  says that he is doing rallies in every districts because  he won the  elections and this is time for development  not demonstrations.


”a person  cannot  be a president  because  of  development  but because  he won the elections,” he says.


On the tensions  which Malawi  is facing,  Muntharika  says,  he want  peace in the country.


”Demonstrations  have create  this country  to not be peaceful and is the cause of mob justice  in the country as it happened in ntcheu,” Muntharika concluded.


In his remarks, the board chairman  of Blantyre  water project, James  Naphambo, says that today  the project  has been  delivered and it has come to reality.


Naphambo says that, they are able to discuss  with the contractors for the project  to start.


According  to Naphambo, he says that they got 33.5 million kwacha  from   export and import bank in India for the project to  start.


Naphambo  also appreciates  the president  peter mutharika  for his support.


”we couldn’t have done this  without  your support, but you were  always  with  us, we thank you,”says  Naphambo.


He also says he appreciates the SMC India  private contructors.


This is the third  water  project  from the first water project.

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