October 26, 2021

Area 23 Residents Happy with New Road Project

Residents of Area 23 in Lilongwe have expressed delight with rehabilitation works of Area23/Chipiku to Chiuzila road project expected to commence later this month.

A snap survey around the township indicates that proper road infrastructural development has been neglected for a number of years. Speaking during the interview on Thursday, Rodgers Longwe

who is a Mini bus driver, said that he can now breathe as the road will enhance business activities “I want to thank the new government of Tonse Alliance and Honorable Ulemu Msungama for this is what we have been waiting for a long time.” “The road was in poor state as you can see from Chilinde to Chiuzila our mini buses usually break down because of pot holes hence costing us a lot of money and time for maintenances,” Longwe said. He further said that now that the road will be transformed, their mini bus business will boost as they will be able to move smoothly. “With the maintenance of this road it will boost our business as we will be able to move from here to town fast on the good road,” He said.

Ulemu Nsungama: Member of Parliament for Lilongwe South East

On Tuesday, Member of Parliament of Lilongwe City South who is also Minister of Sports, Ulemu Msungama wrote on his Facebook page that the wait for the project is over. “My allegiance will always remain with the precious people of Lilongwe City south come rain or sun shine as we continue to develop and improve the livelihood of this area,” Msungama said. He added that the design of the road is of high standard and that everything is in place.

Area 23 road to wear a new face

One farmer from Kang’oma, Samson Gavala said the rehabilitation of the road will boost their social economic development. “I do sell my farm produce at Area 23 market so to transport my produce from the farm to here it is difficult because of the poor road but with this news I am now smiling that we are going to do our businesses without problems,” Gavala said.

Another resident, Memory Banda, said she is happy that at last the road will wear a new face. “I am happy that they are going to put a proper tarmac here because we were finding it difficult to move especially during rainy season, it becomes muddy here, you can’t like the place,” Banda said.

The project is expected to commence on 29th September 2021 and to be completed in January next year. Government is funding the rehabilitation of this road from Area23/Chipiku to Chiuzila junction to the tune of Mk 727,433,538.58.

By Andrew Ndhlovu

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