Sun. Sep 15th, 2019



Protests broke out in and around Johannesburg CBD on Sunday evening in a bid to remove foreign nationals. Shops and cars stoned and some set on fire as protests spread to Jeppestown and Malvern . At about 5am on Tuesday morning 3 people died due to severe burns  after a building was set on fire, Captain  Mavela Masondo confirmed.


Criminals found a gap to loot shops and 31 suspects  have been apprehended in relation to the protests so far. Minister of Police Bheki Cele labelled the attacks as mere criminal acts from certain individuals who want to go against the law and noted that they would be dealt with.


The violent  protests are still on and law enforcement officers are on the scenes trying to combat the situation. More cars burnt down on Monday afternoon and a garage set on fire amongst other shops.Protests reportedly spread to Turfontein ,Bosburg and Alexandra  as looting of shops continued  in these areas too.The number of injured victims increasing by the day .


The situation is rather tense in Johannesburg as foreigners fear for their lives.Some thou say they are ready to fight back and will not take the beating lying down. Messages were circulated from different unidentified sources on different media  platforms in the past few days warning on the attack planned for foreign nationals.

Police trying to control looting of shops.


The President Cyril Ramaphosa spoke yesterday condemning the Xenophobic attacks.Muhammad Buharu Nigerian President expressed his displeasure over the treatment of Nigerians leaving in South Africa. Malawi’s President Peter Mutharika is reported to have shown no interest to attend the World Economic Forum meeting in Capetown  South  Africa amongst other African leaders who have stayed away too due to the attacks.The meeting holds today and we are yet to see if the reports are true.


The situation after the message from the President and other  politicians as well as other South Africans condemning the attacks has seemingly calmed the storms.






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