Tue. Nov 19th, 2019


By: Vincent Gunde



The Bwalo la a Chewa Foundation ( BOLA- CEFO), has added its voice calling for dialogue to end political instability in the country.

Pic: Reverend Flywell Somanje in Bwalo la a Chewa attire.”cultural heritages are a tool to political dialogue than NGOs. ”

The grouping says Malawi is not stable as before because of what it planted after the May, 21 tripartite elections claiming that violence is everywhere, and demonstrations are becoming the order of the day , saying all these are of national concern.


It says as the mouth piece organization representing all the Chewas in Malawi, it cannot sit down and be watching at the political instability, but to voice out its concern for considerations.


This is contained in a press statement released by its national Executive Director, Reverend Flywell Somanje as a response to president Peter Mutharika’s call for dialogue to end political instability in the country.


President Mutharika on his arrival from Sochi, Russia where he attended the Russia- Africa summit, bowed down to dialogue after months of snubbing any chance or space for dialogue following his declaration by Mec that he was the rightful winner in the May presidential polls.


In the statement, Bwalo la a Chewa says cultural heritages are a tool to resolve political instability in the country because they have people from both urban and rural communities.


The statement calls for the consideration of cultural heritages present in Malawi for the meaningful deliberations on the round table before coming up with the second thought of engaging other stakeholders for peace meetings.


……” We have the Llomwes, Yaos, Tumbukas, Chewas, Tonga’s cultural heritages. Let’s the authorities use these to transfer the message of political dialogue to their followers”……. reads part of the statement saying Malawians have a culture of respecting the voice of a chief and cultural leaders.


The statement claims that NGOs have platforms in the urban centres of which transfer of information on peace and dialogue to reach out to all the rural masses will be a challenge than cultural heritages..


The HRDC has been organising post- elections demonstration protests across the country to force Mec Chairperson, Justice Dr. Jane Ansah to resign for mismanaging the May,21 tripartite elections.


However, the peaceful demonstration protests have in most cases turn violent leading to loss of lives and destruction of property making Malawi a lawlessness country.

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