October 26, 2021

Britain’s ACB arrests Indian behind corruption in Malawi

Media reports from Pandora papers are indicating that Britain’s Anti-Corruption Bureau [ACB] alongside with Malawi’s ACB, last week, arrested a Malawian of Indian origin, Zuneth Sattar with others in the United Kingdom [UK] and Malawi suspected to have committed the offences of Money Laundering in the two countries.

The two countries, Britain and Malawi, are reported to have conducted a joint operation that saw the homes and offices of the suspects being raided at the same time sending a message to the world that they are serious to win the battle against corruption which has left Malawi in dire poverty.
The reports say the joint corruption bodies had 3 year long investigations by Britain’s National Crimes Agency [NCA] into Sattar’s suspected corruption dealings with Malawi Government, this is posing as an opener that some Indians might be behind enhancing corrupt dealings in government, bribing senior government officials with millions of Kwachas for contracts, procurement, a fear that Capital Hill might be influenced by greedy people who abuse State funds that would otherwise drive Malawi’s economy.

Leader of Muvi wa Chilungamo pressure group, Bantu Saunders Jumah, said the Pandora Papers have come in the open exposing and proving to Malawians that Indians are involved in corruption dealings with senior government officials in making the country poor and poorer, they are crooks to the Malawi economy.
Jumah expressed sadness with the country’s own son, Dr. Thomson Mpinganjira who is behind bars at Chichiri Prison serving a-9 year sentence while Indians who are at the helm of corruption are outside still corrupting senior government officials of the Tonse Alliance administration, saying the Indians have done more bad to Malawi than Mpinganjira.
…’’Zameer Karim, who deposited MK145 million into the personal account of former President and others, are still outside still making shady deals with politicians in the Tonse government for the very same offences that Dr. Thomson Mpinganjira landed himself in prison,’’……lamented Jumah.
He advised the Tonse Alliance government that the Pandora Papers must not be wrapped but that all the Indians suspected of committing Money Laundering in Malawi must face justice in the country’s local courts and not in Britain observing that the British laws will favor them.

Meanwhile, one of the social media commentators, Gerald Chavez Kampanikiza writing on his official Face book page says Malawi is a sad nation failing to clear the rubbles due to greed and lack of experience saying the desire for quick money has landed at some of the Tonse Alliance government untouchables into traps.
Kampanikiza says the rubbles studied them and knew who is powerful in this Tonse Alliance government, they enticed them with money millions in dollars by connecting them with business people to supply various items saying with their powers, it works, and they get their shares.

He says the rubbles are now controlling them and in fear of being exposed, wherever the rubbles command they listen and do, saying this country will move on only when the so called powerful people in this Tonse Alliance government starting from State House, Cabinet and all other positions, are shaken.
……’’But remember, everything falls and rises on leadership,’’…reads Kampanikiza’s writings on the wall.

By Vincent Gunde

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