March 1, 2021

Bwalo la Chewa Offer an Apology for Chiefs Partisan Politics

Bwalo la Chewa Foundation Heritage ( BOLA – CEFO), has apologized to the general public for its Chewa chiefs involvement in partisan politics saying this resulted into conflicts of interest, lack of chain of command, every chief was doing what pleases him because of corruption and intimidations to support the government of the day.

Bwalo la Chewa Foundation says the Chewa tribe is not centralized in Malawi due to lack of traditional governance, the Chewa culture, beliefs, values, customs, amongst the others, have all declined.

The grouping is advising all of its Chewa chiefs to desist from taking part in active politics and engage themselves in chieftainship roles in the new government that has been ushered in on 23rd June, 2020, Fresh Presidential Elections.

This is contained in a statement released by the grouping’s National Executive Director, Reverend Flywell Somanje on the program of reviving new laws to govern chieftainship in Malawi which have been dormant for years.

In the statement, Bwalo la Chewa is appealing to the Chewa chiefs to support good policies of the new Government for sustainable development projects in the country, advising them that chiefs will remain chiefs while politicians do come and go, chiefs are development keepers and principal holders of the development of Human Rights and the Rule of Law.

Bwalo la Chewa Foundation says the new laws will cover chiefs powers, pension scheme, terminal benefits, chiefs boundaries and the Chiefs council which Bwalo la Chewa has already started advocating for it and the village tribunals for presiding over civil cases saying chiefs will be empowered to give out their views on the laws to govern their country and not for Zambia and Mozambique, as these countries have there own laws .

The organization says the Chewa as traditional people believe in the Supreme ruler of the land, which is Kalonga, from where Paramount Lundu is coming from, and time came for him to be powerless, but under the new laws to be formulated for chiefs, Lundu will become powerful and fully respected as was in the years before partisan politics took centre stage amongst chiefs in Malawi, encouraging all Chiefs to support the government of the day whether they likes it or not, and this made them to forget their chieftainship roles.

….” I, Reverend Flywell Somanje, on behalf of the Chewa chiefs in Malawi, His Royal Highness Paramount Dr. Lundu and the entire Bwalo la Chewa Foundation Heritage, offer heartfelt apologies to the general public on what was happening mainly to our Chewa chiefs involvement in active politics. Let’s forget about the past and work together towards the future of our beautiful country, Malawi,”… reads part of the statement.

Bwalo la Chewa is all thankful to the new government for including it to be part of the tribal groups in the formulation of the chiefs laws, expressing hope that the news laws will benefit all Malawians.

Meanwhile, Government through the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, has released a program for the formulation of new laws for chiefs which have been dormant in the Republican Constitution.

From Tuesday, 21st July, 2020, Paramount Mbelwa will be in Mzimba, Kyungu in Karonga, Kawinga in Machinga while His Royal Highness Paramount Dr. Lundu will visit Southern and Central Region districts dominated by the Chewas under his jurisdictions starting with Dowa and Ntchisi .

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