March 1, 2021

CAMA says words can destroy or heal nation

The Consumers Association of Malawi [CAMA] has advised politicians in the country to be careful on what they say whether it is going to destroy or heal the nation.

CAMA says since the outbreak of Covid-19, countries have been putting in place various measures in order to contain the Coronavirus and at the same time, ensuring that their people are made aware of the dangers of Covid-19.

The organization is claiming that prominent politicians had made statements that there was no Covid-19 and people should not be afraid of it and some ill–informed citizens went further and took injunction after injunctions challenging any measures and directives intended towards containing and minimizing the spread of Covid-19.

In a statement dated 14 January 2021, signed by its Executive Director, John Kapito, CAMA has faulted the same prominent politicians that said that there is no Coronavirus yet they are now informing Malawians that the pandemic is real, and pleading with them to adhere to the Coronavirus safety protection protocols.

CAMA says it is failing to reconcile how these prominent politicians including President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera expect people to trust them considering their earlier negative statements observing that lately, Coronavirus has taken havoc on Malawians, there is an increase in the number of deaths and infections.

……”The very same political leaders that said to Malawians that Coronavirus does not exist have become the first victims of the Coronavirus,’’…..reads the statement in part.

The organization says it is dismayed to note that over 200 Malawians had died due to Coronavirus before the deaths of three or four prominent politicians and there was no National Address by the State President, nor direction to have our National Flags flying at half–mast.

CAMA find the National Address by President Dr. Chakwera as empty, cold, and uninspiring saying it was used by the president as a platform to mourn his fellow prominent political leaders that have lost lives due to Covid-19, while forgetting the lives of 200 plus Malawians that also died as a result of Covid-19.

The organization says Malawians expected the president on his National Address to the nation to come up with strong effective directives on how to contain the spread of the Coronavirus.

CAMA is advising prominent politicians in government or political party, that they must never discriminate when they salute their lives or come up with directives in order to contain this serious pandemic.

By Vincent Gunde

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