Wed. Oct 23rd, 2019

Castel Malawi recalls SOBO drinks from the market again


Written by Enock Balakasi

Castel Malawi Limited has once again recalled Sobo Peach Squash from the market for allegedly being unsafe to consumers.

SOBO product: recalled from the market

This has been disclosed through Press Statement published in Daily Times Newspaper dated June 29, 2018 seen by Smash reporter.

According to the statement, the recall follows a decision by Malawi Bureau of Standard (MBS) to ban Tartrazine, a coloring agent present in the product.

“Castel Malawi Limited has decided to withdraw its product Sobo Peach Squash from its distribution point. We then further invite our customers and consumers to return this product to the nearest Castel Malawi depot/factory site for a exchange, ” read part of the statement.

However the company was quick to point that the banned product does not pose any danger to human health.

But commenting on the issue, one of the consumers based in Lilongwe Linda Banda has accused the company for producing dangerousproducts on the market .

“We demand an apology because its not only SOBO peach squash but many products such as fanta orange, and it has changed its original taste as well as flavor without consumers knowledge ,” said Banda.

This is the second time the company has recalled its product form the market. In January this year, the company also recalled Sobo Orange Squash for being unsafe to consumers.

The recall followed a complaint from consumers who suffered stomach upset after consuming the said products.

Tartrazine is a synthetic lemon yellow azo dye primarily used as a food coloring which is commonly used all over the world, mainly for yellow, and can also be used with Brilliant Blue FCF (FD&C Blue 1, E133) or Green S (E142) to produce various green shades.

Castel Malawi Limited is a beverages only company comprising of five soft drink bottling plants, a distillery and a brewery.

Castle firm awing Malawian an apology

French beverage company, Castel Group, acquired a controlling stake in Carlsberg Malawi Limited last year 2017.

Castel Malawi’s soft drinks business was established in 1955, when the first Coca-Cola products were produced in Malawi under the company name Nyasaland Bottling Company.

After Malawi’s independence in 1964, the company name changed to National Bottling Company and continued to produce and distribute sparkling beverages.

The name National Bottling Company was later changed to Southern Bottlers Limited. Southern Bottlers Limited is the only Coca-Cola franchise in Malawi.

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