September 28, 2021

Catholic Priest Urge Chiefs to be Prayerful

Guilleme Parish priest of the Lilongwe Archdiocese Fr. Richard Nthana has urged chiefs in the district to be God-fearing and prayerful for development in their areas to thrive.

Speaking on Saturday on the sidelines of the installation ceremony of Senior Group Village headman Bongera of Sub T/A Mponda in Mchinji, Nthana said time was ripe to marry chieftaincy with prayers.

He said: “Chiefs are supposed to serve the Lord truthfully in line with the teaching of Jesus Chirist.”

He said: “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. It is God who puts chiefs in leadership position. Chiefs have to be morally good and have to distance themselves from all vices including polygamy and drunkeness.”

Picture: Catholic nun presenting some gifts to the newly installed chief

He also asked the chiefs to embrace a culture of servant leadership which he said would in turn spur development in their respective areas.

He also challenged the newly installed chief to be development councious.

“They have to make sure that they help address issues that have confronted us because right now the issue of environmental degradation has greatly affected us. We need to do something so that we address issues of climate change,” he said.

Speaking in a separate interview, newly installed chief Bongera born Bazilio Chifundo Tenthani said he was ready to assist the people in his area to their expectations.

In his remarks, Sub- Traditional Authority Mponda of Mchinji urged the newly installed chief to fight all forms of child abuse such as early marriages, defilement and child trafficking which are rampant in the area.

Kondwani Kandiado – Contributor

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