March 1, 2021

Center for research and consultancy launches Malawi development digest Book by Dean Chisambo

By Dean chisambo


Center for research and consultancy has finally launched its debut book titled ‘ Malawi Development Digest ‘

Mkandawire: shows the book to the audience

Speaking during the launch on Thursday evening in Lilongwe chairperson of Malawi National planning commission Richard Mkandawire who was also the guest of of the event said its important that there is number of think tanks in Malawi and the planning commission are committed to tap on the range of the think tank through Malawi digest which will begin to import the development parcels of this country in the future.

”I have a little appreciate that many countries in the south east like China they relied on thinkers for their own countries on the aspects of national plans and development parcels. As Malawians we need to look at this brain test they are important because they got better understanding of cultural context.

We need to contribute to the development of this country :Tobias

”And many development issue that are also in spiritual nature and we got that natural type as well as spiritual understanding through women, men and young people in rural areas as they begin to think of development they are able to engage little deeper than those who come through outside of the country,” says Mkandawire.

He said the global knowledge is important but it’s not good in these days and age to continue having ideas from outside the country, because no country and institution can provide ideas to this country items of pathways so it’s important to be gratified through thinking and to look what is going wrong in this country?.

He urged government, private sector and the non governmental to consider and to find ways to motivate, encourage, and energizing the local researchers and to look them as an asset for this country.

In his remarks Editor in chief of the book Chinyamata Chipeta said the digest contains collection of articles which address various development issues in the country that are touched on bearing of development of the country like Vision 2020,Malawi poverty reduction strategy paper and Malawi growth development strategy.

He added that Malawi fails to achieve much in development initiatives due to lack of conducive factors,conducive factors, proper planning, attributes, realisation of goals and effective implementation.

He also lamented that from the digest has found that Malawi has not accelerated already to the foundation of the developmental state. He also disclosed that leadership must have ambitions to develop the country and he must possess development of ideology and also the people must be development oriented.

In his part Director of the center for research and consultancy Milward Tobias said the idea to come up with Malawi national development digest was to mobilise expert ideas on development issues and what the consultancy can do to make a contribution to the development of this country.

He added that in the digest the consultancy has highlighted and contribute the issues of vision 2063, review of vision 2020 which national planning commission started the consultations .It contain the issues of infrastructure investment and Universities which it will generate technology to make the economy to grow.

The digest also contains the issue of non governmental organisation (NGO) and the comparison of Africa and Asia political and economic system.

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