Fri. Nov 15th, 2019

Chakwela Bemoaned Continued Attacks on public critics with petrol bombing:Distances MCP from HRDC’s on anti-Ansah Demos.

Written by Enock Balakasi

Leader of the main opposition Malawi Chakwera looCongress Party (MCP)’s president Dr. Lazarus Chakwera on Saturday warns that the party will not accept the hard fought democracy is trumped on by the DPP leadership.

Speaking during press conference, Chakwera bemoaned the continued attacks on public critics with the recent case of petrol bombing of MCP’s Director of Campaign, Moses Kunkuyu’s premises in Blantyre and HRDC Chairperson Timothy Mtambo’s house in Lilongwe a fortnight ago as well as to his home village in Chitipa.
“We not retreating, to tippex regime/mercenaries who have been attacking us with teargas and petrol bombs, “we are not intimidated, we are not deterred”, declared Chakwera.

Meanwhile Chakwera distanced his party from President Peter Mutharika’s claims that MCP in collaborating with Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) in organizing the on going anti-Jane Ansah demonstrations.
The MCP leader argued that concerned Malawians are behind the protests not members of his party.
Chakwera also questioned the relevance of the supplementary laws gazetted Friday by the minister of Homeland Security Nicolas Dausi arguing that the minister flawed some important steps that are taken before anything is gazetted to a law.
He therefore observes that Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government continues displaying its lawlessness in trampling on Supreme Laws of this land , ” By drafting and enacting laws while bypassing the parliament which is duly established for drafting and passing of laws in a bid to get what may please them”.
The MCP President therefore commended Malawi Defence Force (MDF) for its professional way of controlling the crowd during demonstrations and court sessions and he asked the general public to remain calm as Malawi awaits justice on the case.
The planned August 26, 2019 boarders shut down demos against Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Chairperson Dr. Jane Ansah hangs in limbo following High Court order by Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) obtained against the protests.

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