January 18, 2021

Chakwera calls for divine intervention over Covid-19

Dr Lazarus Mac Carthy Chakwera calls on the general public to intensify it’s prayers to God for his mercy to come down and deliver the country from Covid-19.

This was said on Sunday 10 January 2021 when the president was making his 20th Radio Address in which he outlined that the speed at which the virus is spreading since Christmas is very disturbing as sixty six new infections were confirmed between Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

“And in the fortnight that has passed over 1500 new infections were confirmed which is an average of over 120 new infections everyday, this is putting too much pressure on health system and health workers, this can not be allowed to continue,” the President explains.

Chakwera stated that if the nation does not fight off the virus until it is defeated, if people let down their guard and act as though there is no risk; if people keep flouting safety regulations as it has been the case, the country will lose the gains it has made to make Malawi safe.

“We must all work together to stop that from happening. We must keep each other safe by obeying guidelines, including early closures if drinking places and restrictions on public gatherings which many are still violating,” Chakwera narrated.

The President has directed the ministers of Homeland security and Health to scale up the enforcement of Covid-19 safety guidelines with immediate effect. He says that he is confident that the citizens will do their part to comply because the country cannot afford to complacent.

The President pleaded with the general public to keep fighting against the virus as it has intensified it’s war against humanity. The virus now has more than one strain and there is a need for the public to do more to keep each other safe.

Chakwera further explains that the virus does not respect anyone neither does it care how rich you are, your age or career. The virus has infected all sectors of society including members of cabinet and the media just to mention afew.

According to the president everyone is at risk hence the need to obey the guidelines set in place to prevent the further spread of the virus: wearing mask,washing hands and watching social distance.people with Covid symptoms should isolate themselves from others immediately and inform the health facility near by.

Above all the country must seek the face of God for his mercy to come down and deliver the people of Malawi.

The President said that he has joined his church in a program of 21 day prayer and fasting and he encourages the nation to call upon the name of the Lord for help, he said he believes that when people fast and pray God is able to do a miracle.

By Temwa Nyirenda

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