October 21, 2020

Chakwera Describes 100 Days of Tonse Government A Turn Around for Malawi

President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera says the focus of the Tonse Government in the first 100 days has been to turn Malawi around, saying the nation has been a flooding ship sailing in hostile waters and heading in the wrong direction.

Dr. Chakwera said his first task as captain was to put together a solid team of seasonal sailors to stop the vessel from going under and to have it facing Malawians desired share of shared prosperity.

He said Malawi had been hijacked by self –enriching criminal pirates for years, there was a great expectation that having a new captain and a new team of sailors, meant that Malawians would reach the share of new jobs, cheap fertilizer, better hospitals, and good schools.

Speaking in a weekly briefing marking 100 days in office at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe on Monday, Dr. Chakwera said Malawians would be sailing in unsafe waters and in a worn –out vessel for a while, but they will be able to feel the point as the ancient children of Israel  were to use their hardships in the desert as an excuse for disparaging their emancipation from slavery.

Dignitaries attending to 100 days of Tonse Alliance Government in office…

Dr. Chakwera said in 100 days, the Tonse Government has done 35 things to stop the flooding ship of Malawi from sinking and to reset its coordinates for a new port, citing the first pillar of Tonse Super Hi -5 Agenda, Servant Leadership saying they have cleared the rubble at State Residences, OPC, Treasury and the Reserve Bank of Malawi and reforming or restructuring MBC to focus on public service delivery, among others.

…….’’On ending Corruption, we have significantly increased the budget allocation for the Anti –Corruption Bureau [ACB] to prosecute cases free,’’….said Dr. Chakwera.

The President said he has fulfilled the constitutional requirements on Rule of Law for him to respond to questions in Parliament, corrected the anomalies in the MDF by redeploying General Vincent Nundwe as Commander, and reversed the illegal forced retirement of members of the Supreme Court of Appeal including the Chief Justice, Andrew Nyirenda sc.

Dr. Chakwera said Government have been working around the clock to set the ship [Malawi] on a new course, saying he is confident that the seeds it has planted in this season will yield the fruit of national transformation in the long run. He expressed hope that these seeds of good governance are the key to unlocking Malawi’s capacity for exponential development and prosperity saying what remains now, is for all Malawians to galvanize every human and natural resource they have  and ensure that these seeds are watered and nurtured, that Malawians  will reap a bountiful harvest, if they do not lose heart.

By Vincent Gunde

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