November 23, 2020

Chakwera wants Fewer Government Officials Accompanying Him

President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera has expressed a concern with the presence of too many government officials accompanying him whenever he is attending meetings saying this is draining tax payers’ money.

Dr. Chakwera said with too many government officials attending one function, the cost of the function cannot be justified, and that taxes should not be burnt, as this is wastage of money and must be out to an end.

He reminded senior government officials accompanying him that they were appointed to serve Malawi and not the President, challenging the Secretary to the Office of the President and Cabinet to draw a protocol that will see who is to accompany him in the subsequent meetings to come.

….’’We should all remember that we have a duty to serve Malawians and not the Preisdent,’’….said Dr. Chakwera.

Speaking when he officially opened the Sogecoa Golden Peacock Hotel in Blantyre on Friday, Dr. Chakwera ruled out to see many senior government officials accompanying him wherever he goes, observing that business was brought to a standstill along the road when he was travelling by road from Lilongwe to Blantyre.

He asked the Ministry of Homeland Security and the Inspector General of Police to make sure that his convoy does not disturb business for the people when travelling, adding that Malawi is a peaceful country and his convoy does not need to stop tourists and other travellers along the road from moving just because the President is travelling through there.

Meanwhile, a Malawi Congress Party [MCP] staunch supporter of Mvera in Dowa district, Mr. Rodgers Kamphangale, has asked President Dr. Chakwera to issue a directive restricting senior government officials from accompanying him wherever he is going and his convoy from disturbing businesses along the roads he traverses.

Sogecoa Golden Peacock Hotel in Blantyre

Kamphangale also advised the Minister of Homeland Security and Inspector General of Police to reduce the number of police officers and their vehicles on operations lining up along the road where the president is travelling through lamenting they live behind nobody at their offices and when an armed robbery occur, there will be no vehicle to foil that, describing this as very dangerous to the security of the citizens and their property.

He also advised Members of Parliament [MPs] not to ferry women and youths in lorries everywhere the president is going, saying people should see the difference between Tonse Government and the previous Governments which were encouraging people to compose songs and dances of praising their leaders.

…..’’To the women and youth who enjoy dancing and singing before the Presidents, this is the new ‘Malawi Watsopano Wokomela Tonse’, be hardworking in whatever income generating activities you are doing to get daily bread. Do not expose your laziness before the President, have something to do and you can follow everything on the radio and Televisions,’ said Kamphangale.

By Vincent Gunde

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