March 1, 2021

Chewa Chiefs Praises Lundu as True Leader

Chewa chiefs in central region districts of Dowa and Ntchisi have praised His Royal Highness, Paramount Dr. Lundu as a true leader of the Chewa clan in Malawi, accusing some Chewa chiefs of rebelling against him for Paramount Chief Kalonga Dr.Gawa Undi of Zambia.

The chiefs have described Lundu as a good Chewa leader who preaches unity amongst all the Chewas in Malawi following the Chewa history and he deserve to be the right full heir to the throne with the title His Royal Highness.

Dr. Lundu was in Dowa and Ntchisi districts on consultation meetings with the Chewa chiefs on the Amendment of the Chiefs Act for chiefs to play their role as custodians of the land and not involving themselves in party politics.

In 1969, the first President of the Republic of Malawi, the late Ngwazi Dr. Kamuzu Banda appointment Lundu as the first Paramount Chief in Malawi but government influence to make chiefs supporting the government of the day, made chiefs to forget about Lundu and switch their attention to Paramount Chief Kalonga Dr. Gawa Undi, the leader of the Chewas in Zambia.

Speaking at the end of Dr. Lundu’s visit to the two districts of Dowa and Ntchisi accompanied by Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development officials on Wednesday, Dr. Lundu asked the Chewas to work together regardless of regions as all are from one family of Nyangu to protect, promote and preserve the aspirations of all the Chewas in Malawi.

Dr. Lundu said other clever Chewa chiefs made the Chewas to follow into a wrong path taking them as ladders for advancing their agendas and not necessarily representing the wishes of the Chewas in Malawi but for themselves and their families.

In his speech, Bwalo la Chewa Foundation Heritage ( BOLA – CEFO), National Executive Director, Reverend Flywell Somanje, described the visit by Dr. Lundu to the two Chewa dominated districts of Dowa and Ntchisi as bridging the bond of relationship despite strong allegations levelled against Dr. Lundu that he was a chief cadet supporting the DPP led government.

Rev. Somanje said the former DPP led government had all the powers invested in it to fire any chief with opposing views and this forced many chiefs in Malawi to join a bandwagon of cadets supporting the DPP whether they like it or not to protect their chieftainship from falling into the opposite blood relationship because of party politics.

….” Dr. Lundu is a courageous, fearless and wise Chewa leader beside not being respected by fellow Chewa chiefs particularly from the central region. He stood firm and unshaken waiting for a wind of change of government to blow over Malawi. Change has come in Malawi, here is our respectable, His Royal Highness Paramount Dr. Lundu, back,”… said Rev. Somanje.

Meanwhile, it has been established that Dr. Lundu’s second visit with officials from the Local Government ministry will be Kasungu where Senior Chief Kaluluma will lead fellow chiefs in chiefs press conference organized to share their concerns and way forward for Bwalo la Chewa Foundation and the Amendment of the Chiefs Act.

By: Vincent Gunde

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