Tue. Aug 20th, 2019

Chewa Grouping Elects Leadership, Endorses Lundu as Patron

By: Vincent Gunde

The Bwalo La Achewa Foundation( BOLA_ CEFO), a grouping of the Chewa people has elected its office bearers mandated to achieve the goals and aspirations of the Chewa people in Malawi.

The grouping in absentia, endorsed paramount Chief Lundu of Nsanje as its patron and elected Senior Chief Kaomba of Kasungu as its Director of Chiefs.

The Bwalo La Achewa Foundation formerly known by the name ” A Chewa wokhudzidwa “_ (Concerned Chewas) was being led by an interim committee headed by Reverend Flywell Somanje who vowed to end the Ngoni chieftancies in Chewa dominated areas of T/As Mponela, Chiwere, Mkukula, Msakambewa in Dowa and Vuso Jere in Ntchisi.

Rev. Somanje argued that the Chewas who are in majority can not be ruled by the Ngonis who are in minority claiming that their settlement in Chewa areas was done on the basis of war while the Chewas just left their areas.

Speaking during its Assembly meeting held at the Dowa boma, Executive Director for the Bwalo La Achewa Foundation, Rev. Flywell Somanje, said for a long time the Chewa tribe had lacked a forum which could be used for their voices to be heard as one and their cultural values to be preserved.

Rev. Somanje said it is important for the Chewas in Malawi to have its own grouping and a leader saying as it stands now, Malawi has one Chewa paramount Chief, Lundu and Gawa Undi of Zambia has no jurisdiction over the Chewa in Malawi and cannot install chiefs because he is from another country, expressing hope that with the forum, the Chewas can now speak with one voice on matters of national importance calling upon all the Chewas to unite, love each other and fear God if their aspirations are to be achieved.

The Reverend dispelled rumours that the grouping is a political organisation aimed at advancing the opposition Malawi Congress Party ( MCP) agenda for change of the country’s leadership saying the grouping is not affiliated to any political party and is purely a tribal grouping of the Chewa with assurance that it will not be used by any party as a ladder for advancing political ambitions.

In his remarks, Senior Chief Kalonga of Salima urged fellow chiefs to obey and respect the leadership of the country saying failure to abide by this, it’s sin before God and this will be against the Bible teachings.

Chief Kalonga then advised those with leadership ambitions to wait for their time, observing that leaders are chosen by God.

The Assembly meeting was graced by Senior Chiefs Kaomba and Kaluluma of Kasungu, Kalonga( Salima),  Mwadzama ( Nkhotakota),  Traditional Authorities Chilowamatambe, Mnyanja, Chisemphere and Boyole of Kasungu and Sub TA Chisamba of Kasungu saw Senior Chief Kaomba elected as vice patron to Lundu, Senior Chief Kaluluma as Publicity Secretary, Sub TA Nkhanga as Secretary with Selina Chikhasu from Mchinji as vice Secretary while Group Village headman Mkanthama who was entrusted to run all the ” A Chewa wokhudzidwa group )  affairs in Dowa and Ntchsi was elected as its chairman.

According to Rev. Flywell Somanje, the Bwalo La Achewa Foundation was registered by the Registrar General on 26 April, 2018.

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