Wed. Oct 23rd, 2019

Chief Kalolo attacked

By our Reporter
Chief Kalolo from Nsundwe was attacked last evening on his way back from the political rally held in the capital city by president Peter Mutharika and the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

The Nsundwe forces smashed his vehicle for allegedly attending the DPP political rally, a rally which the forces were against and stopped people from going to attend.

Kalolo said he was consulting with other leaders in the area; both traditional, civic and religious to see how best to contain the situation which he said had now gone out of hand.

Late Imedi is being laid to rest Wednesday in his home, Mangochi

He sustained minor injuries and was treated as an outpatient at St. Gabriel Mission Hospital.
Meanwhile, Malawi Police have arrested 40 suspects during a night of commotion in Nsundwe trading centre in Lilongwe as women and children fled their homes.
Police officers stormed houses at night, arresting suspects, including those suspected to have stoned to death the police officer Usumani Imedi, a team leader from C company who was deployed to clear roads after the so called Nsundwe forces blocked the roads and demanded money from motorists.
National police headquarters spokesperson James Kadadzera confirmed the arrest of the 40 suspects.
“They are yet to be charged but some of them might face murder charges,” said Kadadzera.

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