March 1, 2021

Chief Kanyenda to be installed amid court injunction

There are reports that Senior Chief Lukwa of Kasungu ordered the Nkhotakota District Council to go ahead with preparations of installing Mr. Edward Chirwa to the position of Traditional Authority Kanyenda despite a court injunction obtained by the other group, led by Mr. Joseph Isaac Chirwa restraining the function from taking place.

Tensions have brewed up once more on why the ceremony will be going ahead with the court injunction in their midst, leading some other people to think corruption played a part as evidenced by Mr. Joseph Isaac Chirwa’s lawyers who are puzzled with the decision and news that the installation ceremony will take place on 05 January 2021.

Media reports have quoted the then DPP Deputy Minister of Local Government, Grezelder Jeffrey, Senior Chief Tsabango, Lukwa and Khombedza that they were all set to witness the installation ceremony of Chief Kanyenda, but this was stopped by the injunction served to Mr. Edward Chirwa and the District Commissioner saying in May 2020, three names were proposed for the chieftainship.

High Court Judge Kenyatta Nyirenda is expected to deliver his ruling soon, but while waiting for the judgement, the family and supporters of Mr. Edward Chirwa are all in smiles that the much anticipated chieftainship is now theirs, as he has been assured that there is no case and it is over, with Edward Chirwa as the rightful heir to the throne.

Speaking in an interview, Bwalo la Chewa Foundation [BOLA–CEFO] National Executive Director, Reverend Flywell Somanje, lamented that Paramount Chief Mbelwa, Gomani and Sultan Kawinga are consulted when it comes to issues of installing traditional chiefs, but not for the Chewas despite being in majority in Malawi.

Rev. Somanje claims that some Chewa chiefs are selfish and greedy, they do not want to work with fellow chiefs as a team due to lack of Chewa Central Government, asking the Chewas to learn a lesson from issues surrounding Chief Kanyenda’s chieftainship out of many chieftainship wrangles in Malawi.

He said Paramount Chiefs, citing His Royal Highness Paramount Dr. Lundu, are in –charge of large tribes, they are supposed to be consulted before any decision is made, saying doing so, would resolve all the Chewa chieftainship wrangles rather than going to courts by-passing their paramount chiefs as if they are not important.

……”Bwalo la Chewa Foundation has already started advocating for Chewa Chief Council saying disciplinary actions should be taken by the Chiefs council and not one, two or three chiefs, as this is only fueling chieftainship wrangles than resolving it,’’…..said Rev. Somanje.

He faulted the Nkhotakota District Council for receiving orders from a traditional chief to go ahead with plans of installing Mr.Edward Chirwa as Chief Kanyenda saying the fact that Mr. Joseph Isaac Chirwa and his group obtained a court injunction, is speaking for itself that Mr.Edward Chirwa is not the rightful heir to the throne, urging all groups to wait for the court’s judgement, with a warning that failing to respect the court judgement will take the chieftainship to nowhere.

The Reverend reminded all the Chewas in Malawi to live in peace and harmony with the other tribes surrounding them, peaceful co-existence can be obtained through contact and dialogue urging the Chewas that are in chieftainship wrangles to give dialogue a chance for their respective areas to develop.

By Vincent Gunde

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