March 7, 2021

Chilima chairs Civil Service Comprehensive review Taskforce

Following the directive by President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera on 14th February, 2021 that Vice President, Dr. Saulosi Klaus Chilima form and lead a special Taskforce to comprehensively review the three Government systems of Allowances, Procurement and Employment contracts, a Taskforce to carry out the assignment has been formed.

The Taskforce is to be chaired by the Vice President, Dr. Chilima who is also Minister of Public Sector Reforms and Economic Planning and Development will submit its recommendations to President Dr. Chakwera within 90 days.

In his speech to the nation last Sunday, President Dr. Chakwera delegated the Vice President in his capacity as Minister responsible together with a special Taskforce he will form in consultation with him to begin and prioritize a review of the three government systems.

Dr. Chakwera said there is no Government Ministry, Department or Agency where the culture of impunity for waste, misappropriation, and theft is not entrenched, it is the whole system that is corrupt, saying the whole system must clean up.

He said to clean the system, there is need to conduct a comprehensive review and overhaul of the three government systems for public sector reforms.

In a statement dated 19th February 2021 released by Pililani Phiri, Press Officer of the Vice President, says the Taskforce which comprises of 14 members, will hold its first meeting on Thursday 25th February 2021 to agree on the Action Plan with clear timelines, thereafter, the Task team will ensure that the public is regularly engaged and the Taskforce is held accountable by both President Dr. Chakwera and the people of Malawi.

…”The Taskforce will be supported by a team of technocrats within the civil service from the Office of the President and Cabinet [OPC], the Public Sector Reforms, the Ministry of Justice, and the Ministry of Finance, among others,’’……reads the statement in part.  

By Vincent Gunde

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