Wed. Oct 23rd, 2019

Chilima tackles UTM leadership

By Chrissie Mainjeni-Mec

United Transformation Movement, UTM interim leader Saulosi Chilima has extended an olive branch to people who might want to join the Movement, saying they may be better leaders that could drive Malawians out of its present dire situation.

Chilima, ironically, dismissed assertions that the forthcoming elective convention slated for November 9, 2018, will just be a symbol, to rubberstamp the current leadership, owing to the ‘founder syndrome’ that has for so long characterize leadership in most parties.

The Vice President said this during a political rally he held in Chiradzulu, that the Movement has an open-door-policy, to develop the nation.

“Let me say that there may be better people out there, who can spearhead this agenda for the benefit of Malawians than us.

It is for this reason that I am urging you to join us  for this noble cause, so that we can transform our country together,” he said.

The Second Citizen added that the current team is there to initiate the change, but people are welcome to join and make their contributions.

Crowds of UTM supporters in Chiladzulu

Madam Mary Chilima was also in attendance

Meanwhile, UTM is working with Michael Usi’s Odya zake alibe mulandu and politician Newton Kambala (founder of United Transformation Party where UTM is derived from), among others.

Apart from this, he reiterated that UTM will introduce universal farm input subsidy for national food security as well as at household levels.

He added that UTM government would ensure of good and stable markets for farmers.

On the economy, he said his administration will see to it that corruption is addressed by ensuring proper collection and usage of taxes in all districts of the country.

He added “we will improve education standards and teachers’  welfare. Teachers will be trained well and get good salaries and accommodation”.

On the other hand, he said his administration will remove tax on airtime to increase information access by many.

On this note, he urged Malawians not to  elect selfless leaders who can develop this nation.

Meanwhile, the Movement was spotted with  a sign language interpreter at the  Chiradzulu  rally, targeting people with hearing and speaking difficulties.

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