Fri. Nov 15th, 2019

Chilima urges people of Salima to vote for UTM in next year’s polls

Christina Matoga, Mec Stringer, Salima.
Vice President Dr. Saulos Chilima has advised people in Salima
district to vote for United Transformation Movement (UTM) in next
year’s tripartite polls arguing his party has visionary plans to
develop the district using the resources found locally such as mangoes
which are found in abundance and fish from the lake by adding value
for exportation.

Speaking during a political rally on Sunday at Nsalura Community Day
Secondary school ground Chilima says this will help to create more
jobs and reduce unemployment which is currently high among the youth.
He said it is high time that Malawi as a country should use its
natural resources by producing products for exportation which will
also boost the economy and not depending on donors alone.
“We can establish a factory to produce tinned fish and use mangoes to
produce a lot of products for exportation and boost our economy,” he

The VP further promised the people that his governments if voted into
power come 21 May 2019 will employ as well as give business bidder on
merit unlike the current government which employs people on tribe and
region saying this fuels tribalism and affect the development of the

Mufuti Sosola in his opening prayer concurred with the Vice President
saying it is time for the country to think of choosing a leader who is
young and of sound mind and visionary developmental plans for the
country to progress from where it is now.

In his prayers he cited stealing of tax payers’ money meant for
development by some of the top officials in the current government and
urged all religions from all corners to pray and ask God to give
Malawi a young and energetic good leader who can serve Malawians in
the next year’s elections

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