October 29, 2020

Civil United on Waiting List for COVID-19 Test Results

As the 2020/2021 football season is around the corner in Malawi, the elite league teams were allowed to be on the ground on Saturday, October 17 2020 to start their preparation for the commencement of sporting activities in this country. This has led the elite league teams to commence their journey of preparations for 2020/2021 football season by testing their players for COVID-19 pandemic.

On October 17 2020, Civil Service United team management called its players and team officials to be tested for COVID-19 pandemic before they start their interface trainings.

Civil Service United General Secretary, Ronald Chiwaula confirmed that currently the team has not yet received its COVID-19 test results from the COVID-19 doctors and it is waiting for the official results from the doctors.

According to Chiwaula, despite waiting for the COVID-19 results, the team management told players and Club Officials to return on the ground to start preparations on Monday, October 19 2020.

“All the players and club official were tested for COVID-19 pandemic on Saturday, October 17 2020, we are still waiting for the results from the doctors responsible for COVID-19 testing. As stipulated by the Ministry of Sports, Ulemu Msungama through presidential task force for COVID-19 said we can not start football season in this country without COVID-19 pandemic test for the players and team Officials.

“However as we are waiting for the results, we have encourage our players and team officials to continue training from their respective homes. On Monday, October 19 2020, the club will start its interface training in while we wait for the commencement of football season in November this year.” Chiwaula said.

Chiwaula urged the Civil service club supporters and football lovers in this country that they should expect to see a transformed team, that have put on an extra gear towards 2020/2021 football season.

“Civil United has been transformed as we ara commencing our football season this year. Our supporters should be optimistic that we are going to give them good results in this season.

“And we as Civil United, we are the national team’s players provider including the elite league teams, we do provide them with the professional players. So we are committed to deliver the expected results for supporters.”

So far Blue Eagles has already received their COVID-19 pandemic testing results for its club from the COVID-19 testing department and four players have been diagnosed with the signs and symptoms of COVID-19 pandemic.

Civil Service United ended on position 5 on the TNM Supper Log table in 2019/2020 football season whereby Nyasa Big Bullents was the top leader of this league of 2019/2020 season.

The 2020/2021 football season was expected to commence in March 20 2020 and the sports activities were suspended due COVID-19 pandemic.

Currently the fruits are ripening that football season will commence on November 21 2020 after it has been shifted from November 14 2020 due to the 2022 Africa Cup of Nations that the Flames will be playing back to back with Burkina Faso on 13th November and 17 November and the season will begin with Charity Shield.

By Patrick Dickson Phiri

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