March 7, 2021

Clubs Calls for Covid Relief Fund Hike

Some TNM Super League clubs have asked Football Association of Malawi to hike the remaining Covid-19 relief fund due to extended Covid-19 break.

Before season kick-off FAM introduced the Covid-19 relief fund of K10million to all Super League clubs as one way of easing financial challenges of the teams as a result of playing games behind closed doors.

FAM started with K5 million to all teams and the remaining half was expected to be completed after the first round.

Ekwendeni Hammers coach Edson Mwafulirwa said since teams are still doing trainings FAM should consider the hike of the fund.

“It was a disappointing decision, our perfomance was superb but I think this break will disturb our form. They could have consulted us first before their decision, I feel like games can proceed with all protection measures without risking somebody’s life, we have been adhering to all measures that were set but still more they have decided to suspend.

Our budget will definitely be disturbed, we planned to use the K5million relief fund for the entire round now with these breaks it means the round will be stretched that’s the reason we are asking them to hike the fund for the next round,” said Mwafulirwa.

Mzuzu Warriors General Secretary, Donex Chilongo, concurred with Mwafulirwa saying the on going trainings will leave teams empty handed.

“FAM could have just announced the cancellation of season or let us continue with games because we are still preparing for remaining games and players will be demanding their payments. This will hurt us in future if they want to extend the break let them also increase the covid fund”

Soccer analyst Pickford Kamanga also supported the idea saying the break will worsen financial status of teams as players will continue demanding money for nothing.

Other Super League teams like Nyasa Big Bullets, Civo Service and Be Forward Wanderers also expressed their disappointment with the decision by FAM Task force on Covid-19 soon after SULOM announced the recess.

All teams are still preparing for the remaining first round games except Wanderers who announced the suspension of trainings today due to financial challenges.

By Erik Chiputula

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