January 18, 2021

CMC demands firing of Ministers for Youth, Energy

The Centre for Mindset Change [CMC] has demanded that President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera fire his two Ministers of Youth and Energy and to tell Malawians the people involved in corruption.

The CMC says the two Ministers, Hon. Ulemu Msungama and Hon. Newton Kambala and Presidential Chief Advisor, Chris Chaima Banda should be honorably fired by the President or else Malawians shall force them to resign because of their alleged cases in India and NOCMA fuel supply tender.

The organization claims that the Tonse Alliance Government promised justice for all, today is selective, citing NOCMA corruption saga, State House–Crossroads Hotel corruption scandal, saying nothing has been done, even by the Anti–Corruption Bureau [ACB].

In the statement dated 4th January, 2021 signed by its Executive Director, Phillip Kamangirah, the CMC says it is strongly horrified by the level of State impunity, treachery, tom –tom lies, executive arrogance and carelessness as demonstrated by the Tonse government under the leadership of President Dr. Chakwera.

The statement says the administration under Dr. Chakwera is running the country with bogus characteristics saying this is sad for the country’s hard earn democracy as the country is slowly turning into a police and one party state.

The CMC says it is recounting with great shock having noticed that government is running away from responsibilities by lying to Malawians that when voted into power, the Malawi people will see new things as compared to the previous administration.

…”The Tonse government promised to clear the rubble in the fight against corruption, saying tonse government rule is worse than any other government,’’……read part of the statement.

The CMC says it is upsetting to realize today that all promises that were fraudulently made inorder to rogue Malawians to put this government into power are no longer in their plans, saying this is running the country with counterfeit characteristics.

The organization says it has learn that the Tonse Alliance government for the past six months, has been able to produce an alleged over 20 vehicles at MK 140 Million each at a time when Malawians are struggling to access proper medical care in their public hospitals, saying this is hypocrisy.

The CMC says Malawians are patiently waiting for the promises made during the campaign and see how best such plans shall be executed, assuring government that Malawians shall stand and continue defending their democracy unconditionally without being intimidated in any political grouping and that they shall galvanize their efforts until sanity is restored in their beloved country and until peace as well as stability returns in their society.

By Vincent Gunde

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