March 1, 2021

Community Members Mobilized to end GBVs and Child Marriages

Community Members, from the area of Senior Chief Kasakula in Ntchisi District, have mobilized themselves to fight and end gender-based violences (GBVs) and child marriages.

The mobilization meeting held on 24 December 2020 at Mlambe Primary School, in the area of Senior Chief Kasakula, attracted Members from: religious bodies, chiefs, ADC Members, Government Officials from Ntchisi District Council, Quadria Muslim Association of Malawi (QMAM) Secretariat, members from Actalliance and other stakeholders.

In his welcoming remarks Senior Chief Kasakula, thanked all the Stakeholders mainly Danish Aid Church (DCA) through Actalliance and QMAM, for helping the People from his area in taking a leading role to end GBV’S and child marriages. He further asked all the stakeholders to take the message of ending GBVs and child marriages to other areas.

Taking her turn Ntchisi District Gender Coordinator, Hannah Kishombe, said fighting against GBV’S, and Child marriages is not a one man show, but stakeholders should join hands, as Government Officials and QMAM Secretariat are doing.

Addressing the gathering on the vice, Programs Manager for QMAM, Ousman Chunga, thanked the Government of Malawi for allowing them to work in the area of Senior Chief Kasakula. He went on to thank other religious bodies and stakeholders in holding hands to fight against GBV’S, and Child marriages.

Advising the people who attended the meeting, the Officer In-Charge for Ntchisi Police Station Senior Superintendent Billy Chimbonga, said all perpetrators involved in GBV’S and marrying young children should be reported to Police for them to be arrested and brought before the court of law.

A representative for Ntchisi District Commissioner, Hemmex Malithano, told the Members that Ntchisi District is geared up to work with different stakeholders in ending the malpractices.

In his concluding remarks the guest of Honour and Actalliance Coordinator, Mathews Muska, asked the people not to be silent but to join hands to end GBV’S and child marriages.

The Guest of Honour further advised the youth not to be involved in peer pressure to avoid violence.

The Program saw other stakeholders, winning some awards including the Police, and was spiced up with a number of activities that included drama, poems, choir, songs from Kangorwa band, testimonies on GBV’S, public letter reading, and many other activities.

By Richard Mwakayoka Kaponda

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