September 28, 2021

Concerned Citizens Expose Evil Behind Abortion Bill

A group of concerned citizens has asked Members of Paliament to turn down the proposed abortion bill which is expected to be presented in the August house.

The group’s representative, Kizito James, says the group is against the bill as it is contrary to Section 16 of the Constitution which protects unborn babies.

James said this is in Lilongwe where he told Media that legalisation of termination of pregnancy is tantamount to violation of human rights of unborn babies.

James further revealed that those pushing for the bill to pass have planned to open evil businesses abroad where they will be selling wombs and the aborted foetuses.

Abortion kills the future of our nation – Pyoka

“We don’t want MPs to pass that bill because it’s is contrary to our constitution, culture and religious beliefs,”

“We know that people who are pushing want to open abortion clinics, where they want to make money through terminating pregnancies and others are already linked with business abroad where they will be selling wombs and killed babies” said James.

One of the survivors of arbotion, Pyoka Tembo, said that termination of pregnancy should not be tolerated in the country regardless of the circumstances.

He testified that his mother attempted to abort him when her brother-in-law impregnated her but he survived.

Pyoka further said he now owns a company where he has employed 32 people who rely on him to support their families.

He added that he is able to contribute monthly tax of K500,000 a thing which could have been missing if he was terminated.

“I don’t agree with anything concerning that bill, just imagine my mother wanted to abort me but now I am able to contribute monthly tax of K500,000 through my company.

“Abortion kills the future of the nation. I now employ 32 workers who rely on me to support their families but if I was killed some of them would suffer”

Members are expected to discuss and vote for the bill in the next of Paliament sitting.

By Erik Chiputula

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