October 29, 2020

Court Hands Mzomera Ngwira 48 Months Imprisonment

The Mzimba Senior Resident Magistrate court has sentenced Democratic Progressive Party [DPP] Regional Governor for the North, Reverend Christopher Mzomera Ngwira to 48 months Imprisonment with Hard Labour for abuse of office.

Rev. Ngwira abused K250,000 Local Development Fund [LDF] meant for construction of a teachers house at Lukwelukwe in his constituency at the time he was Member of Parliament for the area, Mzimba Hora.

Rev. Christopher Mzomera Ngwira…sentenced to 48 months IHL…

Passing judgement, His Worship Senior Resident Magistrate [SRM], Mathews Msiska said the sentence is meant to deter other would –be offenders from abusing public funds.

As soon as the judgement was delivered, family members broke into tears mourning Mzomera in disbelief that the court can pass such a stiff punishment to a high profile DPP official.

The ruling has fulfilled the prophecy made by State Vice President, Dr. Saulosi Klaus Chilima during his campaign trails that he was greatly concerned with some of the inmates that have stayed in the country’s prisons for 10 years for the offence of stealing chickens without being prosecuted saying he was of the view that those suspects be released for real thieves to enter the doors of prisons.

Marking the end of the official campaign at Njamba in Blantyre, Dr. Chilima warned all those that committed atrocities in the name of the DPP to get prepared as the law will be hunting for them and they will answer charges individually.

The Malawi Police Service [MPS] in its recent statement of giving updates on high profile suspects, applauded Malawians for the relentless support  they are rendering to the investigations and assures that all investigated cases will be properly prosecuted for justice to take its triumph.

The Service said so far, 20 cases have been investigated and case files are ready for prosecution as of 12th October, 2020 saying two of these files were sent to the Director of Public Prosecution [DPP].……’’The cases in question include those of arson, murder, abuse of office, money laundering, theft by public servant and assault. The first case to be taken to court is that of personating  a person named  in a certificate whose suspect is Norman Paulosi Chisale,’’…..reads part of the Malawi Police Service statement.  

By Vincent Gunde

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