March 7, 2021

Covid-19 Delays Stadia Projects

Soccer lovers will wait a bit longer for the constructions of Ntcheu Stadium as well as Zomba Community center ground to be finalised.

According to reports very little is happening and it is doubtful if the works will be finalised very soon due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ntcheu Stadium construction which started in 2018 was expected to be completed in October 2020, but they missed the deadline due to the reduction of workers at the site following the order by government that all gatherings should not exceed 50.

According to the project committee chair, Councellor Mambo Jumbe, 95% of the work is done but he was unsure of when the construction will be done.

“As of now 95% of the work is completed, we expected to everything to be done last October but the work have been delayed due to Covid-19.”

“Workers have been coming in shifts that greatly affected the whole work and am not really sure if they will finish the construction soon,” he said.

According to the Chikuse Gomani ward councillor, the remaining part of the work is the outside face.

Another delayed project is the Zomba Community Centre ground which is under renovations.

The ministry of local government and DECO construction company agreed to complete the construction in October this year.

Recently Deco construction company through its engineer Eladi Malonda told us that construction work of the project might not be finalised in October because he has not received part of his money.

The engineer said he is ready to meet the deadline only if he gets his money.

In response Ministry of Local Government said the delay is due to the reduction of funds as some money has been channelled to Covid-19 funds.

Public Relations officer for the Ministry Anjoya Kanyalika Mwanza further assured Malawians that the government is still committed to the project.

“50% has been done but the work has been delayed due to the reduction of funds which has been channelled towards Covid-19 funds.

“I want to assure malawians that the ministry of local government is committed to complete the constructions of all outstanding projects including Zomba stadium before new projects are embarked on.”

By Erik Chiputula

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