October 26, 2021

Covid-19 Still Devastating Countries Around the Globe

The Centre for the Future [CFF] in Windhoek, Namibia says lockdown of nations in 540 days will have devastating consequences of the Global people in the 2022 period as nations will struggle to get back on their feet, doubting the number of deaths on the global citizens than what Covid-19 has done. The CFF says Global people regardless of status, poor or rich, able or disabled, must be allowed to develop their own ways of survival and living as a point of departure of planet souls to continue existing. The organization says gone are the days when the United Nations [UN] Global powers and donors gave rules of survival to people on the planet saying present Global leaders, and donors are asked to change the traditions that have not moved this world forward.

In a statement released from Windhoek, Namibia, the CFF says the ushering of democracy in America and its spread across the larger part of the globe has changed the perception of belief from reality. The CFF says the changing of governments in most parts of the world due to poor service delivery, corruption, absolute power, dictatorship and longevity of ruling parties in power is fast changing people’s faith in the so called governments, rulers and those with power.

people queuing for a Covid-19 jab…

The organization says donors that were believed to be Save of Our Souls [SOS] hands towards vulnerable and poor nations have just been exposed to be monsters, liars and crooks if not known as economic terrorists. It says investors that have been exploiting global resources in the name of investors have just been discovered to be thieves that have stolen a lot from the poor and ignorant nations particularly from Africa, Carribean and Paciffic. The CFF says colonial masters that changed tone to development partners have just shown their true colours that they are more of oppressors, not willing to develop their colonies but steal in the nature of assistance and protection. …’’A new pandemic, Covid-19 has claimed millions of souls on Earth, surprisingly, vaccine has already been identified and that governments are stammering and changing tones over the choice to be vaccinated or not,’’…reads the statement in part.

The organization says the suspicion is growing in global citizens as some governments announced choice to be vaccinated yet others are calling for compulsory vaccination, appealing to nations that time has come for the Covid-19 to go for the sake of existence of life.

By Vincent Gunde

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