March 1, 2021

Crisis As Unemployment Rate In South Africa Rises

Written by Shekinah -Zaitun Salanje

The South African government launched a national development plan to eliminate poverty, by 2030. With fourteen million South Africans now living in extreme poverty, a recently announced statistics of 29% rise in unemployment rate does not make things any better.
Stats SA announced the hike in unemployment from 27.6% in the first quarter as the highest rate in 11years. The South African President Ramaphosa speaking on Thursday said, the country’s unemployment rate is a crisis.Ramaphosa had earlier in the week cautioned South Africans of massive job losses. He stated climate change and advancing technology among other factors as matters that had an effect on the subject.
FNB economist Siphamandla Khwazi reportedly said that he does not see the economy improving in the next months. Whilst other economics say structural changes must be implemented to create jobs .They noted that reforms in certain areas could lift business confidence and private investment, allowing economic growth to follow.
Two borders away from South Africa, more than half of Malawians live below poverty line and many more are suffering from food insecurity. More than 85% depend on agriculture but with the extensive floods over the years, the situation has not improved.
Over 100 000 Malawians are living in South Africa and the numbers are increasing as many flock into the country to search for greener pastures in terms of employment.
Most of these Malawians are illegal immigrants as they lack proper documentation .But with the rate of unemployment statistics at the present moment ,chances that jobs will be readily available as they reach into the Rainbow nation are almost next to none.
A large percentage of Malawians are hired in private households.The quarterly labour survey revealed that more people were relieved of their duties in that sector. Thou employment in some industries such as the trade had escalated.

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