Wed. Oct 23rd, 2019

CSO’s In Gender Budget Responsive Program

Written by Norah Phiri
Catholic commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) under Karonga Diocese has pleaded with different Civil Society Organizations (CSO’s)to take a leading role in influencing the national budgets as gender responsive.
Speaking to journalists on 21 June in Karonga, the project officer for CCJP Obert Mkandawire said they thought it wise that CSO that are in Karonga should meet and agree on one thing as to how they can work as a team to make sure that issues of gender are dealt with accordingly.
”We wanted them to come up with a roadmap so that what so ever they are proposing should help in engendering the budget. “Mkandawire said.
He added to say CCJP expects that If the CSO’s can take a lead in engendering budgets in the district it will help a lot since most of the time they do have funding through the projects that deal with gender related issues than the office of Gender itself.
Meanwhile Jabes Nyirenda, COS chair person in the district said the meeting has helped them to revamp gender technical group that will help to coordinate all organization involved.
Nyirenda continued to say despite the little amount that Ministry of gender gets, the district has got enough resources through different organizations that gets funding for gender related issues.
”If we will just wait for the office of gender to do everything then it won’t work, but if we can come together I believe we will be able to make something big. “Nyirenda added.

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