Fri. Nov 15th, 2019


By: Vincent Gunde


The Department of Climate change and Meteorological services has forecasted normal planting rains for Dowa district to start between 2nd and 3rd Week of December.

Pic: Prospects of this years rainfall pattern.

The district and its surrounding areas, is expected to receive normal to above normal rainfall of over 200mm and low rainfall in the range of 100 mm.

Briefing the District executive council committee in Dowa, the Council’s Meteorologist, Manfred Kadzuwa, said in January, the district is expected to receive high rainfall of over 250 mm with areas of T/A Chiwere in Dowa East experiencing over 300 mm accompanied by dry spells for a period of not more than 1 Week.

Kadzuwa said high rainfalls are expected in the eastern side of the district particularly in the areas of T/A Chiwere in February while areas of T/As Mponela and Chakhaza will receive less rainfall of about 150 mm with dry spells of over 1 Week.

He said areas of T/A Chakhaza and Chiwere will continue to be receiving heavy rainfall of about 150- 200 mm in March and in April, some parts of the district will be experiencing rainfall of about 100 mm with most areas receiving less than 50 mm.

The Meteorologist, said the 2019/20 rainfall pattern will not be influenced by El Nino and La Nino as the case was during 2018/19 season.

In his remarks, Dowa District Council’s Acting Director of Planning and Development, Yusuf Laki, appealed to the Dec members to carry the message across to all the communities they are serving for farmers to make a decision on the best time to plant seeds.

Laki, expressed hope that farmers in the district will adhere to the forecasted rainfall pattern so that they have prospects of a good harvest making Dowa a food basket district.

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