October 26, 2021

Dowa council calls for partnership with NGOs

By; Vincent Gunde

District Commissioner [DC] for Dowa, Alex Mdooko, has called for partnership between the council secretariat and NGOs implementing various interventions for the district to develop in the interest of all.

Mdooko said partnership can help to sustain the projects being implemented thereby empowering the communities to own ownership that the projects implemented are not only for the council but for them.

Pic; Robert Mitomoni…..we do our best to the communities but they lack care of the facilities given……

He lamented that Malawians are lacking the spirit of maintainance culture saying this is making tangible development projects not to be taken care of waiting for government and NGOs to do, a thing that has made offices, buildings to be in dilapidated state.

Speaking during a District executive council committee meeting held at the boma on Thursday, Mdooko, asked NGOs to join hands working in partnership for the district to develop observing that donors are pouring in many funds to the district but the impact is not seen on the ground.

Mdooko advised NGOs that when writing their project proposals to donors they should include vehicles and motorcycles so that after the expiry of their projects they can be used to sustain the projects they have been implementing in their catchment areas.

He said he has seen NGOs in other districts donating vehicles, motorcycles, computers, laptops, and other items to their councils, expressing hope that this will be done to the council, assuring them that this is their council and they are part of it.
……’’Be assured that whatever you will be donating is not for the DC to use but for the council to serve some of your communities for sustainability of projects,’’…..said Mdooko.

In his remarks, World Vision Malawi District Programmes Officer, Robert Mitomoni, thanked the DC for introducing a new concept and initiative for the good of the district, but expressed a concern that care of the facilities being implemented is facing a challenge in the district.

Mitomoni gave an example of Mafosha primary school where World Vision installed a solar panel at the head teacher’s house which went missing as if the communities are not there and Chikhobwe school which was supplied with desks for learners, saying the school has no one desk, communities stole the desks for firewood.

…..’’World Vision Malawi whenever is a building any infrastructure, a school block or a health facility, it makes sure that all the necessary materials suiting that facility are supplied, but these are being taken away by the surrounding communities, this is retarding development for the district.

Pic: part of Dowa Dec members……sharing experiences on projects being implemented in the district……

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