Sun. Sep 15th, 2019


By: Vincent Gunde

The Dowa District Council has called for support from NGO partners for the revision of the district’s Socio_ Economic Profile( SEP) and District Development Plan( DDP).

The SEP and DDP contains the priority needs of the Dowa communities which can be used by NGOs to write project proposals to the donor partners.

It is the wish of the council to see to it that all projects which are being implemented in the district are aligning to the priority needs of the Dowa people.

Speaking during a District executive council committee meeting held at the boma, the council’s Acting Director of Planning and Development, Martin Pindamkono, said the District Development Plan is a document that guides developments taking place in the district and it is the responsibility of the District executive council members to see to it that the proposed projects are aligning themselves to the DDP.

Pindamkono said the revision of the document can not be done by the council itself hence CSOs to come in and support one activity that is demanding by the communities.

” Let’s move and work together until we finally get the document out. Take one activity and in the end, we will see that all have been done” said Pindamkono.
He asked CSOs of the district to support meetings of Area Development Committees( ADC) saying most of the members do not know their roles so that together with their communities, the projects being implemented are in the interest of all.

Pic: Dowa District Council’s Acting Director of Planning and Development, Martin Pindamkono, projects are aligning to the DDP.

The DPD expressed hope that some NGOs have already responded positively to supporting the document saying this is a good development for the district and the council will be at their door steps begging.
In his remarks, Dowa District Civil Society Organisations network chair, Maxwell Kadutsa, expressed a concern over action plans carried from the previous Dec meetings to responsible officers and organisations which are not implemented saying these are derailing developments of the district.

Kadutsa said the Dec meeting has been formulating action plans but at each and every meeting, new faces do come while they do not know what was assigned .
” We are not moving ahead as many action plans from the previous meetings have ended up not being implemented “. said Kadutsa.

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