Fri. Nov 15th, 2019


Dowa District

By: Vincent Gunde


The ministry of Local Government and Rural Development , has issued a circular letter informing all councils in Malawi that the terms of holding offices for Village Development Committees( VDC) and Area Development Committees( ADC) expired and as such,  all councils must hold flesh elections.

Briefing the Dowa District executive council committee at a meeting held at the Boma, the council’s Acting Director of Planning and Development, Yusuf Laki, appealed  to partners to come in and support the council in ensuring that the new office bearers are trained on their roles and responsibilities.

Laki expressed hope that NGOs which have a governance component in their projects , will be the first ones to pick items to support citing fuel, lunch allowance and air time for officers who will be going out for this important business.

NICE Trust Dowa Civic Education Officer, Vincent Mbenjere, asked the ministry responsible to show its commitment before partners coming in.

Mbenjere observed that ministry was all aware that the terms of office bearers expired but was waiting for partners to support with it remaining silent as if it has no money for this exercise.

He said VDC and ADC provide checks and balances at the grassroot level hence a great need for the ministry to pick up one item to support before partners.

However, Laki said the ministry of Local Government does not support financially the formation of the local structures saying it’s the duty of the council to plead to its partners to support the exercise .

He said the council need to orient extension workers for them to establish the local structures saying all of this, is requiring partnership of which the council cannot do it alone.

The DPD then, informed the members that the council has new councilors and have service committees which cannot work effectively without the local structures hence a great need to hold their elections before the service committees meet.

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